M O R N I N G    S E S S I O N S  
More than the Census—Our Families Did Exist within those Ten-year Intervals!
This lecture will show the researcher that it is important to identify our ancestors’ whereabouts in as many local records as possible. A lot can happen in ten years! If you don’t look harder, you won’t find them. 
Using Tax Records for Genealogical Problem-solving
Although most researchers are aware of tax records, they are seldom utilized and often dismissed as boring and insignificant. Tax records can solve MANY genealogical dilemmas and should be a primary records source to utilize, especially in states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky, but also nationwide. This lecture will show you how they can help you!
Deconstructing Your Family Tree: Re-evaluating the Evidence
When information passed on from researcher to researcher doesn't "add up", it's time to tear down the walls and build anew. This methodology lecture shows how erroneous conclusions can sneak into our research uncontested. This lecture is especially pertinent today with so many Internet family trees that get cut and pasted into our own research.
A F T E R N O O N    S E S S I O N S
Pennsylvania County Land Records and Their Footprints in Other Sources
Land ownership was important to our ancestors, and as a result they tend to be the most reliable county record source genealogists utilize. It just requires a simple trip to the Recorder’s Office, right? Wrong! There are many, many resources to use to locate your ancestor’s land in Pennsylvania!
Medical Genealogy:  A Primer of Diseases that Killed our Ancestors and the Epidemics
They Lived Through
Life before vaccinations and antibiotics was no picnic. Discover the meaning of the archaic medical terms we skim over on mortality schedules and death certificates, and understand the medical history of your ancestors.
Question & Answer Session until 4pm EDT
The conference will conclude with a Q & A from questions submitted by attendees.