M O R N I N G    S E S S I O N S  
Researching Graphically – Expanding Your Research with Timelines, Charts, Spreadsheets and Diagrams
Think about researching and organizing documents beyond genealogical software. Learn about new ways to visualize and analyze research by creating timelines, charts, spreadsheets and diagrams.
Organizing and Identifying Photograph Collections
We all have mounds of old unidentified family photos sitting in boxes. This lecture will offer step-by-step direction in organizing, preserving and cataloguing these precious collections for future generations. Learn how to identify, digitize and share collections using family trees and social media.
Reconstructing Communities Using Sanborn Maps, Census Records, and City Directories
Recreating neighborhoods can provide rich and insightful details about an ancestor’s life and surroundings. This lecture will demonstrate ways to build a map using Sanborn Fire insurance maps, census records, and city directories in Google Maps.
A F T E R N O O N    S E S S I O N S
Funeral Home Collections: Utilizing Genealogical Societies and Others for Crowd Sourcing
What useful information can you get from a funeral home for genealogical research? Funeral home records can contain so much more than a death certificate and obituary! Files can reveal the deceased and the family’s extended genealogical information, church affiliations, financial status, and even how they planned for the future. This lecture also describes processing the large donated funeral home collection using a genealogical society.
How the Weather Affected Your Ancestor
Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and droughts impacted the lives of our ancestors. Learn how weather events may explain disease, death, migration, property loss and much more.
Question & Answer Session until 4pm EDT
The conference will conclude with a Q & A from questions submitted by attendees.