Our new website!

You may have noticed that the North Hills Genealogists' website has changed.  We are now using a new software package that a number of other genealogical and historical societies are using to manage their website.  It has a number of new features that we will be rolling out in the coming months.  We've collected them in this section of the website so that you can see where we're headed.  We hope that you find these new features as exciting as we do!
SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP DISCUSSION FORUMS:  We'll have discussion forums for each of the SIGs, where they can store notes from meetings, ask questions, etc.  
ONLINE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL:  Once we work through a few technical kinks, you will be able to renew online directly from your login screen.
If you are interested in helping us with the management of sections of our new website, please use the CONTACT menu option to drop us a note, or just send an email to powell.reed@gmail.com