Monthly NHG Meetings Broadcast Live!

North Hills Genealogists is experimenting with a new feature - we are broadcasting our monthly meetings on the Internet.  Through the use of the same GoToWebinar many of you have used with other websites, the complete meeting including TipTime, announcements, and the featured presentation, will be viewable from any location with an Internet connection.  Any device with a browser will work, including cell phones, tablets, and laptop/desktop computers.  The broadcasts are live only - they will not be recorded.
Logistically, it is necessary to register in advance for each meeting's broadcast.  We will post the URL each month on this page and on the website home page.  Once you register, GoToWebinar will send you a confirmation email with your own personal URL to be used for connecting to the meeting on Tuesday evening.  If you connect before 6:45 you will "sit" in a "waiting room" until the broadcast begins.  No special software is needed on your device - GoToWebinar will install the latest version of their browser plug-in if necessary.

Here are some fast GoToWebinar FAQs: LINK
Why are we doing this?
We have two reasons for offering the meeting as a webinar. One of our members wished he could have attended the January 2018 presentation by Blaine Bettinger, but the roads were too bad. He suggested webinars and offered use of the webinar system subscription from the company he owns. The webinars are possible due to the generosity of this member. The other reason is that NHG is outgrowing the meeting room at Northland Public Library, which is where we’ve held meetings for almost our entire existence. We are experimenting with options to address that issue, with offering webinar broadcasts of meetings being one of those options.
What about Handouts?
We will attach a PDF file containing the speaker's handouts to the GoToWebinar meeting "room" from which you can download them.  As in the past we will also post the handouts in the Members-Only area of the website, for future reference and downloading.
How has this experiment gone so far?
In September we collected the following statistics:
58 people came in person to the meeting at Northland Public Library.
49 people attended virtually on the webinar (including one from California—the state, not California, PA)
On a feedback scale of 1 to 5 (5 being best), our average rating from the virtual attendees for this event was 4.7!