Saturday All-Day Sessions

8:00 AM - Registration
9:00 AM - Opening Remarks
M O R N I N G    S E S S I O N S
Strategy for a Sound Beginning
This session helps craft the thinking behind organizing a solid foundation for your research. It provides techniques for the analysis, processes, comparisons and citations for conducting the research and correlating the evidence.
Framing the Problem for Overseas Research
This session focuses on helping the participant identify the specific objectives for successful overseas research. Failure to focus the research often leads to discouraging results from the “trip of a lifetime.”
L U N C H    A N D    D O O R   P R I Z E S
A F T E R N O O N    S E S S I O N S
Coming Forward, Descendant Research
You can’t just put the engine in “reverse” and trace descendants. Methodologies, records and sources are described as well as how to organize the massive amount of records that will be gathered during a comprehensive descendant research project.
Finding Irish Records on FamilySearch and Other Major Genealogy Websites
This session focuses on the largest Internet providers for Irish genealogical materials and illustrates search techniques and strategies for getting the best search results. Sites included are FamilySearch, Ancestry, and FindMyPast.