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The links below are aids to finding genealogy resources. Those that are marked with a $ sign are fee-based sites.
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Blog for those who are interested in Czech genealogy, who have ancestors in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.
"Our purposes include promoting genealogical research and creating an interest in ancestry and heritage among descendants of ethnic groups who comprised the former nation of Czechoslovakia, including Bohemian (Czech), German-Bohemian (Bohmisch), Hungarian, Moravian, Ruthenian (Rusyn), Silesian, Slovakian, and those of Jewish ancestry.?
Resource for reading German documents written before 1943
Includes maps, resources, links, journal articles and conferences concerned with Eastern European families.
Use this link to verify the name of a village that may have changed over the years.
A handbook for doing research in the Czech Republic
Links to articles and family histories.
"You will find here databases made by and for genealogists. More than 20.800 user have access to this collection. After registration you may use these databases free of charge."
Detailed information on the Pilsen Archives, in Czech.
Find places where German surnames are most prevalent. The site is in German, but is easy to navigate.
Detailed maps to locate Czech villages
Pilsen Archives site in German and Czech
Information on making the trip to research ancestors in Germany - nitty gritty handbook.
"A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the state of Bavaria, Germany. The main focus will include all topics pertaining to genealogical research. A secondary focus will be Bavarian history and other topics in support of an overall understanding of our Bavarian ancestors' way of life. "
" A discussion group for those interested in sharing information about the culture, genealogy and heritage of the German speaking people of Bohemia and Moravia, now the Czech Republic."
Provides information about German records of genealogical importance, church and civil records, and the best ways to research in repositories.