Special Interest Groups

NHG has formed Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to provide an additional education opportunity for members. Each SIG focuses on a particular topic—an ethnic group, a state, a type of record, et cetera.
Each of the SIGs can be contacted via the email shown below, and on their individual website page (see the list of SIGs along the left-side of this page). When you sign up, include any topic or topics in which you have an interest.
The SIGs are an excellent way to work in a small-group setting on specific aspects of your research, and benefit from the experiences of others involved in working with similar records and idiosyncracies. 
One great way to stay up-to-date with the Special Interest Group happenings is through Meetup.com - if you go there and sign up (it's free) then search for "North Hills Genealogists" to receive automated notifications about our meetings.
Research Workshop SIG ResearchSIG@NorthHillsGenealogists.org
DNA SIG DNASIG@NorthHillsGenealogists.org
German Research sig GermanSIG@NorthHillsGenealogists.org
Eastern European Research SIG EasternEuropeSIG@NorthHillsGenealogists.org
Pennsylvania Research SIG PennsylvaniaSIG@NorthHillsGenealogists.org
Writing SIG WritingSIG@NorthHillsGenealogists.org
British Isles Research SIG BritishSIG@NorthHillsGenealogists.org