DNA SIG Meeting Dec 16th (Zoom)

The Genetic Genealogy DNA Special Interest Group will meet On-line (Zoom) at 2:00 PM on December 16th We'll have general discussions and breakouts, trying to answer questions based on the collective experience. Click HERE for Zoom registration information.  More details HERE

January NHG Board Meeting

The January 2024 Board meeting will be held in person and via Zoom on January 2nd at 7PM Eastern Time.  Board meetings are open to all current NHG members. Please click HERE to register for the Zoom meeting if you will not be attending in person.  In-person location is Panera's in Wexford; attendees are invited to arrive early (6pm or later) to join in socializing and dinner.  

Jan 2024 Monthly Meeting

Join Melessa Barker for "Breathing New Life into Your Boring Ancestors.
The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM on Jan 15, 2024. This meeting will be held in person at Kearns Spirituality Center and as a virtual meeting via Zoom. 
Click HERE to register for attending in person at Kearns Spirituality Center. You can register for this meeting via Zoom HERE
Full details are available HERE.

Beginner's Packet Now Available to NHG Members

Be sure to visit the "NHG LIBRARY" area when you login - the latest edition of the Genealogical Beginner's Packet is available for download by all NHG members.

AmericanAncestors.org at Northland Library

If you have New England ancestors, then the resources available from AmericanAncestors.org are invaluable.  Visitors to Northland Public Library now have access to these databases and other holdings of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, along with the many other genealogy databases already available.  You can use the Northland computers, or bring your own and connect via their WiFi.

DNA Bootcamp - Online Course for Members

North Hills Genealogists is pleased to provide this series of training from Hi-Def Genealogy as a no-charge benifit to its members. Presented by Mary Eberle and produced by Thomas MacEntee, we believe that you will find this instruction useful and informative in learning the details of Genetic Genealogy and using DNA tests as part of your family history research.  These videos can be watched at any time, as often as you like.  For more details click HERE.

Northland Public Library Genealogy Books

Click HERE to view information on Northland Public Library's genealogy collection.  Many of the materials in this collection were donated to Northland by the North Hills Genealogists.

Meeting Handouts

Handouts for many of our meetings are available for download by NHG members after logging into the website and clicking on "NHG LIBRARY" in the left-hand menu.  If you need assistance logging in please send an email to Info@NorthHillsGenealogists.org

NHG @ Heinz History Center

Genetic Genealogy DNA Special Interest Group
Saturday - 12/16/2023
This month we'll have general discussions, and breakouts, trying to answer questions based on the collective experience.  If you have something in particular you'd like to talk about or see discussed, just send an email response to this message at dnasig@NorthHillsGenealogists.org.   Click HERE for Zoom registration information.    This group is ...
Eastern European SIG Meeting
Tuesday - 01/02/2024
The Eastern European Special Interest Group for NHG members encompasses Czech, Slovakia, The Balkans, Hungary, Poland, Galicia, Ukraine, as well as Italy, Russia, and Bohemia. We meet at 6:00pm at Northland Public Library on the first Tuesday of each month. We discuss and share research information in a friendly environment.   Learn more about ...
January Meeting
Monday - 01/15/2024
Melissa Barker, The Archive Lady will present "Breathing New Life into Your Boring Ancestors" There is no such thing as a boring ancestor! Many genealogists will say they have boring ancestors because they can't find records or information for them. Learn from a seasoned genealogist who is an archivist how to locate ...