German Research Event with Michael Lacopo

NHG is sponsoring a special event featuring Michael Lacopo, an expert in the area of German genealogy research.  On July 21st from 9-12 AM at La Roche College.  The cost for NHG members is $5, for non-members it is $20 and includes a 1 year membership. Michael's lectures will be:
HOW TO OVERCOME BRICK WALLS IN PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN RESEARCH: Several case studies will be presented showing lesser-utilized research tactics, repositories, and resources used to find information about our Pennsylvania German ancestors. These first-wave German immigrants require a completely different research plan than those who came later.
HOW TO OVERCOME BRICK WALLS IN GERMAN-AMERICAN RESEARCH: We continue our case-study approach by learning new tricks, techniques, and historical concepts that will help identify and understand our 19th and 20th century German-speaking ancestors.
Registration and payment by check: HERE.    Online registration and payment: HERE.

"Share A Website"

A new feature in our "LINKS" section is Member Suggested Websites. These are links shared by NHG members.  These are websites that members have found to be helpful in their family research.  Cards are available at the monthly NHG meetings for submitting sites to be added to this part of our website.  Click HERE to go directly to these links.

2019 Spring Conference

Save the Date!  Our Spring 2019 genealogy conference will be on March 22 & 23, 2019, at the Columbian Room in Wexford.  Our featured speaker will be Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D, J.D., a nationally known authority on Genetic Genealogy, and the speaker at our January NHG meeting on that same topic.  Details on topics and registration will be available this Spring.  If you would like to be sent additional details as they beccome available, click HERE and click on the REGISTER button.

NHG In The News - KDKA

Watch Rich Venezia and Linda Loewer on KDKA's Pittsburgh Today Live - view this month's interview HERE

Special Interest Groups (New DNA SIG!)

NHG has organized Special Interest Groups for: Germany, British Isles, Eastern Europe, and Pennsylvania.  We also have an Interest Groups focused on Writing Your Family Story, and on DNA & Genetic Genealogy.  Please click on Special Interest Groups along the left of this page for details and meeting times and locations. These groups meet outside of the regular North Hills Genealogists meetings, and focus on their specific areas of interest. 

Beginner's Packet Now Available to NHG Members

Be sure to visit the "Member's Only Download" area when you login - the 2017 edition of the Genealogical Beginner's Packet is now available for download by all NHG members.

December Social Notes

This year's December Social event was held at the Heinz History Center's genealogy collection, with special tours and presentations by archivist Sierra Green.  What a great time!

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NHG at FGS 2017

A big "Thank-You" to all of the volunteers who made our booth at the FGS conference a success! 
North Hills Genealogists booth at FGS 2017 conference North Hills Genealogists though the years
North Hills Genealogists at FGS 2017 conference

NHG In the News - WDVE

Listen to Amy Arner and Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, as they discuss NHG, our Spring 2017 Conference, and genealogy in general with WDVE personality Sean McDowell.  This interview aired at 7:00 AM on Sean's Sunday morning public-service show on Mar 12th.
Click HERE to view Amy Arner's 2015 Labor Day interview on KDKA TV.

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War of 1812 Pension Fund Wrap-up

A check from North Hills Genealogists for $2150 was delivered to FGS President Joshua Taylor and War of 1812 Preserve the Pension Fund chair David Rencher on Thursday, May 14, 2015, in their exhibit booth at the National Genealogical Society conference in St. Charles, MO.  This represented contributions from our members of $1075, which was matched by NHG.  That amount will in turn be matched by FGS and other organizations, bringing the total value of the contributions to close to $10,000.  What a great show of support from our group!

Northland Public Library Genealogy Books

Click HERE to view information on Northland's genealogy collection.

DNA: The Stories Behind the Segments
Tuesday - 06/26/2018
Blaine Bettinger presents DNA evidence helps us break through brick walls and confirm decades of research, while introducing an entirely new generation of people to genealogy. It also allows us to create maps linking specific segments of DNA to our ancestors. But how many of us stop to consider the ...
Pennsylvania Research Special Interest Group
Wednesday - 06/27/2018
For future meetings, the group will be considering road trips to cemeteries, historical societies and libraries. More details on this group are available at PENNSYLVANIA SIG. Note: There will be no meetings July 2018, August 2018 and December 2018    
Genetic Genealogy DNA Special Interest Group
Saturday - 07/14/2018
Genealogy & DNA roundtable discussions: Discoveries, roadblocks & experiences.   Our July meeting will be a Genetic DNA round table discussion, similar to the round table meetings we have at our general meeting twice a year. Groups will discuss their discoveries, roadblocks and experiences with research their genealogy via ...