DNA Bootcamp Information

North Hills Genealogists is pleased to provide this series of training from Hi-Def Genealogy as a no-charge benifit to its members. Presented by Mary Eberle and produced by Thomas MacEntee, we believe that you will find this instruction useful and informative in learning the details of Genetic Genealogy and using DNA tests as part of your family history research.  These videos can be watched at any time, and as many times asyou like.  Links are provided to course materials, which should not be publicly distributed.
The first DNA Bootcamp session is  "Getting Started with DNA and Genealogy"

Getting Started with DNA and Genealogy

Have you taken one or more DNA test, but really haven’t made an effort to start using the information for genealogy research? Also, are you sure you used the right type of DNA test or the best DNA testing vendor?
Handouts are available under the "Course Materials" menu link on the left of the screen.


  • Introduction to Using DNA for Genealogy Research
    Want to start using DNA for genealogy research but want guidance on the best approach? Received your DNA results and want a better understanding of them? This talk covers DNA basics, available tests, where to test, and how to develop your DNA testing plan.

  • Using Autosomal DNA for Genealogy Research
    Autosomal DNA (atDNA) provides the most useful information for most genealogists.  Learn how to analyze your atDNA test results and how to find common ancestors with your DNA matches.

Handouts are available for each of the courses.
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