Directions to Kearns Spirituality Center

How to Get To Kearns Spirituality Center
If you've been to Kearns for our meetings prior to the Covid lockdown, please note that while the building is in the same location, the route for getting there is very different from how it once was.  Kearns did significant construction during the pandemic.  
  1. From Babcock Blvd, turn at the Providence Blvd light and go up the hill to the stop sign at the top.  There are two BIG signs on either side of the Babcock Blvd entrance that say "Kearns Spirituality Center."  This driveway is narrow and windy.
  2. At the top of the hill, go through the stop sign, and TURN LEFT at the next stop sign. 
  3. CONTINUE along this path going straight.  You will see parking on either side, but continue past those lots. 
  4. As you near the end of the path you will see another sign for Kearns Spirituality Center - keep going straight.
  5. At the end of the path the road will bend to the right, and the Kearns building will be directly in front of you, and parking is on your left. 
  6. There are two entrances - you want the one on the far right.
Re GPS directions - directions to the Kearns address of 9000 Babcock Blvd will get you close to the destination, but the turn-by-turn info might not reflect the recent construction changes.